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Visitors Flea Market Caters to the Adventurous

Some shoppers like to go to the mainstream outlets, and that’s fine. Where do more adventurous spirits go to shop? They head to a place like Visitors Flea Market in Kissimmee. At the bigger and better markets you’ll find what you’re looking for -- and maybe something extra. Plus, you get it all at a fraction of the cost. It’s a true shopping experience. Let’s see why.

Hard to Find and Rare

Flea markets are the best place to find that one-of-a-kind item you’ve been searching for. When you go to a cookie-cutter mainstream store, everything’s the same. On the other hand, the flea market might have just one of each item for sale. Your personal item might be there. Or, the products are custom made by an artisan. Either way, every shop at the flea market is unique, just like their customers.

Looking for a truly original phone cover? What about a team jersey that will make you stand out on game day? Purses, backpacks, pants and tops - you can copy everyone else or you can express your own style.

Expect to Save Money

Without a doubt, people also come to flea markets since they want a bargain. Flea markets all over the world save shoppers money every day. There are several reasons why the savings get handed down to customers, such as:

  1. Some items are lightly used. Instant discount there.

  2. Independent merchandisers don’t have to pay franchise fees.

  3. Overhead for a flea market stand is less expensive than a full store.

Flea Market Adventure

Maybe the best thing about flea markets is the unexpected. With so many vendors, you never know what you’ll uncover. You might stumble onto something valuable (but inexpensive), vintage, antique or even downright weird. In any event, you’ll certainly get a glimpse of local culture that you won’t find anywhere else.

In a way, flea market shopping is like visiting a cool but quirky museum where you can buy - and easily afford - the art work. Actually, you can even shop around for genuine works of art as these markets give local artists a chance to showcase their creations. Keep your eyes peeled. You might spot a great painting and have a masterpiece hanging on your wall -- at flea market prices.

Collectors Paradise

For the collector, the flea market is their playground. For instance, diecast car collectors love to prowl around the stands. Looking for that one special vehicle to complete your Batman collection? Or maybe you like mini classic cars, and you snag a rare 1958 Edsel. And for rare book collectors, the flea market can’t be beat.

Make It a Day

If you’re going to visit a flea market, be sure you have the time to soak it all in and find the best bargains. Bring enough water and snacks, or a few extra bucks in case food vendors are on site. Take your time browsing, and don’t buy on a whim. Look around as you might find something even better. You can always circle back around and pick up that Nick Fury bobblehead for your car dashboard. Now that’s style!

Visitors Flea Market covers over 50,000 square feet with 225 booths. If you can’t find it here, you can’t find it anywhere. Stop by and browse!

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