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Typically, it prints all contents of an email message in Microsoft Outlook, including its body, the header, and much more. There are times when you prefer to conceal the header of an email message during printing for reasons of privacy or for other reasons. This article is an instruction on how to print emails in outlook 365 only the body and the header of an email message and how to print the body of an email message, without the header text (including the name of the user in the upper right) within Microsoft Outlook easily.

As you've probably guessed, when printing an email using Outlook it prints out the email header and body, as you see in the Message Window and Reading Pane. In addition, it typically will also add your username to the header of the email. This is why I would like to present the wonderful advanced printing feature in outlook tools for Outlook that allows users to print the email message body with the message's header and username, and also without the background image within Outlook.

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