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5 Flea Market Finds to Decorate Your Bedroom – You’ll Just Love #3!

With the New Year coming soon, now is the perfect time to spruce up your bedroom décor. New year, new look, right? Some of the best finds can come from the most unexpected places, like flea markets. We have 5 different ideas for you on how to decorate your bedroom with flea market finds. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to ignite some newness into your space. Happy decorating!

1. Wall art or posters. This idea is especially cool for creative types who love to look at drawings, sketches, or are intrigued by Hollywood. Flea markets offer tons of options, from graphic designs to vintage 70’s movie posters. Try one and see how you like it, then maybe build up a whole wall, or collect certain pieces by an artist or a TV saga. Whatever you want, you will definitely be able to find it at the market. You can make a bold statement in an easy way, without breaking the bank. How great is that?

2. Knick knacks. I know, I know, you might be thinking: “What in the world would I do with those?” – but hear me out. If you collect or have collected anything over the years, then you have some idea of compiling seemingly random objects. Say you have a baseball card, and maybe you have an old action figure from when you were little stashed somewhere in your closet? Well, get those both out and make a little display on your nightstand, or on top of your dresser. Flea markets are amazing for this because they have been compiling things like that (e.g.: bobble heads or Spring Break memorabilia) for years. What’s that saying: “One’s trash is another’s treasure?” – or something like that, anyway. It totally applies here, wouldn’t you agree?

3. Pillows (and other bedding). There’s a reason why people love throw pillows: they are easy to find and unique, which makes them the perfect piece to add to your bedspread! They come in a variety of colors, from aqua to gold; patterns, like zig-zag and polka dot; and even funny sayings or pop culture graphics. Toss one on your bed, put one on your chair, wherever you want. They will be sure to spice up your bedroom, and be reflective of your personality. Oh, and if it’s cold where you live, a fleece blanket makes a great match with a fun pillow. Hint hint for the holidays!

4. Costumes or brand items. Whether you are a legendary cosplayer or just can’t part with your Disney princess crown, you can totally find use in décor for it all. Come through your local market and see what collectibles you can dig up – maybe a Darth Vader mask or a pretty glass slipper. They would make eye catching wall hangings or beautiful display pieces in your room.

5. Classic cars or jewels. It’s not old fashioned if it never goes out of style. Maybe it’s a toy Mustang or a pearl necklace you happen to come across the next time you’re out at the market. Go ahead and get it so you can start building a collection! Pieces like these are rare and precious, but if you go to the right flea market, you just might come across something amazing.

Be sure to stop by Visitors Flea Market at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in Kissimmee, Florida 34746. Hope to see you there!

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