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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic Bath Salts & Organic Lotions

Whether you have recently decided to “go green” or are simply curious about the trend of ‘everything organic’ – there’s no better time to try it out then with some fun products. Lately in the beauty world, body care companies have jumped on the trend and have come out with some really great organic bath and skin care stuff you’re sure to like. Below, we have six reasons why you should consider choosing organic bath salts and lotions the next time you’re out shopping!

1. Help the planet while helping your skin. Organically farmed products are friendlier to the environment, so when you decide to pick up something organic, you’re making a conscious choice to better the planet. This is because organic products aren’t chemically or commercially sourced out or processed, which helps to protect the land (soil) and water.

2. Fewer toxins = better body. Organic bath salts and lotions have more ‘good for you’ ingredients, like nourishing jojoba oil or bright citrus; meaning that these types of ingredients literally feed your skin, which benefits it in the long run. For example, popular beauty brands have tons of bath salts, scrubs, and body lotions to choose from, ranging from moisturizing argan oil to refreshing oceanic sea breeze. There are also other brands which specialize in organic skincare.

3. Organic salts and lotions are just as good as their regular counterparts. It all depends on preference. If you have recently taken up sustainable foods and water conservation, then perhaps going the organic route with your beauty regimen makes sense for you. Plus, if they are USDA certified “all natural” or “organic” then you can feel confident knowing you can trust what you’re putting on your body.

4. Easier to understand ingredients makes for an enjoyable beauty routine. No one wants to wonder “what if?” after applying a luxe lotion or worry about irritants while enjoying a spa bath. Organic or natural bath salts and lotions are made with natural additives (aka things like clay and salt that are naturally found in nature) along with butters and botanicals that are easy to pronounce and that are familiar to the consumer.

5. Favorable especially amongst sensitive skin individuals. Alcohols, perfumes, colorants, and synthetics are commonly known to irritate and inflame sensitive skin, which can in turn, make existing skin conditions worse – and no one wants that. . If you have sensitive skin, or conditions like rosacea or eczema, using organic or more natural products for your bath routine can really help to soothe your skin and potentially improve the condition over time. Win win!

6. Works with your skin, rather than against it. Did you know that your skin absorbs up to 60% of what’s put on it? Having products that protect the skin barrier or nourish what’s already there can help your skin quality overtime. An almond oil infused lotion sounds better than a harsh petroleum based one, doesn’t it? When you focus on things that help repair your skin instead of things that work against it, your skin and body will thank you.

If you’re looking for some fantastic organic lotions and skincare products come out to the Visitor’s Flea Market at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway Kissimmee, Florida 34746.

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Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa
Sep 03, 2022

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