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Add Visitors Flea Market to your list!

It's not so much why not to go, but give three reasons why you should go to the flea market this weekend. You probably can already figure out the answer on your own without hardly even thinking about it.  When it comes push to shove, it doesn't take much to push you in the right direction after you look at the price tag in the department store for $85 and then find the same item in a flea market for maybe $10 or less. So, if bargains are to be had, the flea market this weekend would be the place to find them. After all, three reasons are not difficult to think of, agreed? There's the vintage and decorative articles that are just right for your home. Rugs, lamps, mirrors for the wall, art sculptures, towel racks and all the fixings for your home while remembering the thought about the price tag savings. Then, how about toys or all the gimmicks that children find awesome from comics to specialty items that make the younger ones scream for more. It is so much easier to drive to the flea market instead of making a long trip to a shopping mall to look at price tags that send you into orbit.  You know, through all of this, it sure looks like more than three reasons to visit the flea market this weekend and you are right!  Reasons abound, and limiting reasons to only three is almost not possible when thinking of how many flea market shoppers out there are so pleased with their flea market discoveries.  A good example would be Visitor's Flea Market located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, in Kissimmee, FL. Close to Walt Disney World, this flea market is an indoor, air-conditioned shoppers paradise having more than 220 vendor booths that are complete with creative and local craftsmen on hand that will satisfy those having special design preferences. And, you maybe thought the bargain world is a thing of the past. Not only are bargains not a thing of the past but judging from comments of the day, bargains are a sign of the future for flea markets around the world as thousands of visitors flock to flea markets to find those much sought after and finding their goodies, likened to shopping in a horn of plenty. Flea markets generally overflow with a treasure trove of those special, unique, much desired and often vintage acquisitions that will make your day. You won't know what you missed if you don't go.  This weekend could be your "treasure find time", especially for bargains. 

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