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All about Funko Pops!

Did you know the makers of Bobbleheads has telescoped its business development from a low-tech, nostalgia-themed toy business in 1998 under the name of Funko Inc. with the first manufactured Bobblehead Big Boy mascot into a multi-million dollar enterprise today. Expanding into the production of headphones, USB drives and lamps, its toy business has grown into a 2017 revenue base of $516 million with $42.1 million operating income and net income of $3.7 million. Popularity has energized the widespread growth of its vinyl figurines into numerous new (13,642) products in dozens of different toy lines. Found in flea markets the world over, adored by collectors, and with specially created characters you never know where the most sought after ones might appear.  Visitors Flea Market located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy in Kissimmee, FL would be a likely choice for shopping. It is an indoor, air-conditioned flea market with more than 222 vendor booths and provides many other personal vendor services for shoppers. Funko bobbleheads was founded in Snohomish, Washington by toy collector Mike Becker in his home. After a rocky financial start, including bankruptcy protection, Funko stayed in business and after subsequent sales and changes in ownership, 2016 became a new beginning when expansion caused another location move. The British toy maker Underground Toys was acquired and is also its European distributor. With more than 1,100 business licenses, Funko produces more than toys just for children. From superheroes to Golden Girls, a new concept can be on the shelf in 70 days with an initial design in 24 hours. The collector box subscriptions was dispersed in 2018 to other commercial outlets and Funko has been offering "con" exclusive versions of its products at conventions such as 2006 at the San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration and others. Announced in September, 2019, is the planned development of a film based on Funko toys at Warner Animation Group. Characters to be included, if the film is produced, will be Wonder Woman, Deadpool and Harley Quinn. It may become the first theatrically released film to make a crossover between Marvel and DC Comics characters.  For the little guy in the toy business, it has become a very rich history at Funko and its diverse toy culture leave its original toys as a very rich collector's preference. Who ever thought bobbleheads would make it to the celebrity status it has attained. How many originals do you have? At the 2019 Toy Fair, Funko announced its new line of Pop vinyl figures. Even today, it's a new beginning for Funko! 

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