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All about luggage!

Travelers can make it easy on themselves by knowing their luggage, the strong and any weak points, preferably before buying. Luggage consumer reports about suitcases, other kinds of luggage and carry-ons have much in common, stressing the importance of durability and being equipped with wheels as being most important when buying luggage. While thinking about having two wheels or four wheels; two wheelers only move forward and backward. Having recessed wheels is better on city streets and the wheels are protected from snapping off. Four wheeled luggage easily rolls in front, behind or beside you and is easier in tight places or in airplane aisles. Four-wheeled luggage is preferred because they can spin 360 degrees, increasing maneuverability. Wheels attached with screws, not rivets, would be more durable. Shoppers in the Kissimmee/Orlando area would find their selections to fill travel needs at Visitors Flea Market, located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee FL, an indoor, air-conditioned flea market with more than 220 vendor booths that also offer many specialty items as well as services. It's not only the importance of the wheels but generally, luggage selections having tags or labels offering "official carry-on luggage" probably should be ignored but bring a tape measure when shopping for carry-on luggage (or, for any other measuring needed). It helps to test whirl the wheels for smoothness also with a gentle wheel wiggle to check durability. There should be little or no handle wiggle, or rattling as the bag is pulled. Smooth movement is key and a handle that retracts into the bag will less likely cause damage to the bag. Inspect the zippers before you buy. Zippers are known to show the overall bag quality, so close inspection is recommended. The most reliable zipper on the market is thought to be the YKK brand. Coil zippers are easier to break into and with a ballpoint pen can be pulled apart. The best zipper in luggage is called a chain zipper and can avoid breakage. You really want to avoid breakage when travelling. Breakage can cause a real headache.  With two sets of interlocking teeth and usually made of metal, chain zippers are better, stronger than coil zippers and much harder to break into. If you want to squeeze in just one more item, then selecting a high-denier (fabric weight measurement) material if soft-sided luggage is preferred. It is lightweight. But, a hard-sided case would be better when protection from rips is your preference and also offers better protection from intentional entry and can't be torn. Aluminum luggage has the title of "most durable" but also is the heaviest. The savvy luggage shopper doesn't want to find out the do's and don'ts the hard way. So, study up on what you should know before you go luggage shopping. Knowing how to avoid luggage pitfalls can make a difference when travelling. 

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