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In Orlando? This is a must visit!

Visitors to Orlando, Kissimmee and the area really are smart and do come prepared. Coming to Florida doesn't really have to be a big deal although most travelers when they get to where they are going know what it is they want to do.  The shopping lists are all ready and, hopefully nothing or no one has been forgotten. But, there are always a few and the money only goes so far, as if you didn't already know that. Try a different angle, get your tourism in the planning picture. You know, like you do at home when you head out for the flea markets to latch onto those hard to find unique gifts for others and yourself like you do when you are at home. Well, you can do that in Kissimmee by Orlando at the doorstep of Disney where the local flavor really is local flavor, no kidding!  Can you imagine on the way back from

Kissimmee and Orlando or Disney saying to yourself "will you look at what I got for myself, real authentic Florida stuff" where you also found the Florida gifts you wanted without breaking your bank account. It makes you want to go again, doesn't it?

This is the kind of planning of those who are smart about getting the best opportunities and bargains their money can buy. With more than 220 booths, a bunch of real Florida unique things only usually found at local flea markets, you will see for yourself what a gold mine of stuff at Visitor"s Flea Market, Kissimmee, Florida on W. Irio Bronson Memorial Highway. It is close. Plenty of food with a South American and natural Puerto Rican flare and authentic dishes. So, when the family wants that secret place that you know about to go to on your visit, you will have just the place in mind.  This is it! No fooling", just the place. You will be saying again and again, "that was a smart thing to do." Plenty of food trucks, places for kids and adults to hang out, have fun, soaking up the Florida spring sun and getting reasonably price shopping all done at the same time, how about them apples? That's smart shopping. Besides, there's all the selections of jewelry, wall art posters, bedroom items, and so much more, so much it would take all day to list here, Go early, take your lists of things to get, plan for the family outing to eat, a whole new experience, the cooking of international Latin good smelling food. Forty food trucks, all owned, operated separately. You think you have been to real flea markets, then try this one on for size, Visitors Flea Market, a real Florida experience, in the middle of real Florida. Don't go back wishing you had visited the natural part of Florida. There is so much to see. Just do it! Treat yourself! Shop and eat the flavors you will love to smell. Yep, you are really here. Now, make the best of it. This is Florida!

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