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Art of negotiating

Negotiating at the flea market could make for a much better day when you are shopping for items and the budget is important.  Most vendors are looking for buyers and find that working on selling prices to the advantage of the buyer will excite the buyer, especially when the vendor gives on what is an acceptable price for buyers. Remember, sellers are there to do exactly that, sell.  There may not be much wiggle room, but sellers are well aware that shoppers become buyers when the seller wiggles, if even just a little bit. This is all about business. Not allowing your ego to get in the way will go a long way towards converting shoppers into buyers. Being a good negotiator takes practice, patience, understanding and a pleasant attitude. Heavy handed attitudes brings on burdens that good negotiators avoid. Buyers should know what it is they are looking for with both products and services. Being constrained with your first offer or counteroffer will be in the way of keeping the conversation going when you know what you want, so don't be shy about talking details and having an exciting conversation. The art of the deal makes for joint agreement. Being sure of your offers being considered by the one who can decide to accept your offer helps when making binding decisions. Not wasting your breath on someone who will not be accepting your offer leaves you as a buyer somewhat disappointed. You can ask "who can accept my offer?"  Be sure the party you are negotiating with has the authority to negotiate.  The first offer usually becomes the basis for followup offers. So make the first offer aggressive and bold. Starting lower than the seller expects you to do, helps you. The seller, looking for a higher number, may sweeten the pot while still looking ahead for a better deal. Keep an eye out for the body language and speech which can show you what the seller is feeling. Even if the seller isn't, be patient. Usually, all previous offers are rejected upon a counteroffer being made, from a contractual point, but clarification with the seller is a good idea. Ask for a counteroffer before you make another offer so as to get movement on the negotiation from the seller. Finding a flea market for building your skills could get no better than Visitors Flea Market at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee FL, close to Disney World Theme Park. It is air conditioned with more than 220 vendor booths and boasts of vendors with handmade items and services. In the art of negotiating a buyer's deal, sellers may have a margin within which deals are made. It is best for you as a buyer not to say what is your budget.  Come away having spent less than you intended to spend, not always an easy thing to do.

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