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What's motivating you to go to the flea market and how about a few tips on how to do the looking and then how to do the picking? Modern day trends may be somewhat different than before when old, original stuff caught the eye and today the younger ones look for different appliances, clothes from the 50s-80s or kinky things that can be made into something creative and original looking. It isn't just an antique roadshow anymore. Being on the lookout to not go for recalled items, fake ones or that which is counterfeit can take some time but will help guard against your being taken. It can be a real exciting adventure if you keep your wits about you. Like, maybe talking to the seller about the price or making an offer with your expecting the seller to meet you half way. Although, if the vendor handmade the item, there may not be much wiggle room. Come knowing general prices if you can and then inspect the items. "Early birds get the worm" still works before everything gets pawed over and so does shopping late in the day when vendors are ready to leave. Not to mention there are better prices in general when you shop at a flea market. There's always bargains to be had and with patience you will find them. "Search and you shall find" is a good shopping motto. Why not try your luck at Visitor's Flea Market, 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee  FL, where more than 220 vendors in an air-conditioned location caters comfortably to shoppers who are looking for those special things that make flea markets special places. Being close to Walt Disney World Theme Park, you will find new, reasonably priced, members of the Disney World family like Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the Disney family well presented. Vendors offer special services from barber shop services to leather made items. Other flea markets may offer harder to find Asian art or gold coins, collectibles and you name it but the flea market world is exactly that, a world of its own and that world can be anything. Specialties sometime require shoppers to have special skills because of the interest that brought them out such as requiring shipping permits in the case of international shoppers and other related export or import rules. Shopping in flea markets is not a lost art, but it has changed and shopping tips have changed with time. It's still a world where being a part of it is exciting, very popular and where learning about flea market tips can go a long way towards making it work for you. Being in the mood may help set the likelihood of a successful adventure. An air-conditioned flea market in Florida becomes especially suggestive during the summertime. You may need little other urging beyond that suggestion. 

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