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Celebration, Florida

Celebration, FLorida, was a dream of Walt Disney, a planned community bringing together those who focused a good part of their lives on the dream world and creative horizons of the king of imagination, Walt Disney. That was about November, 1966, Celebration's Founder's Day. Today, its piece of the action includes Visitors Flee Market, one of the largest and most popular indoor air conditioned flee markets in central Florida, right at the doorstep of Celebration, only 2.1 miles on Celebration Avenue and 192-E and located next to the World Food Truck park, largest food truck park in central Florida. Now, only a few years away from its own 50th Anniversary, Celebration is home to about 8,500 residents with its own town culture, major events, post office, religious commitments, more than 40 parks, miles of boardwalks and walking trails with about 4300 homes, much more and all within shouting distance of Disney World at five miles away. Its medium income is about $83,000 with a medium property value of about $400,000. Walt Disney Company began developing the community in the early 1990's. Celebration has a public library and a branch of Stetson University. Covering about 4900 acres, Celebration and Visitors Flee Market and the World Food Truck park bring together all the amenities of this showcase of central Florida activity for those thousands visiting this piece of Florida frequently. Family friendly and very conveniently located, the multiplex of family treats includes just about everything visitors and residents alike would hope to find when they are out and about. Walt Disney Company sold its remaining property form the original Celebration purchase in 2004 of about 25000 acres. Local residents continue to believe in, according to their comments, to the residential restrictive covenants and easements in place since inception to guard against loss of community character and to help maintain cultural well being. Whatever makes it work, all communities need to update during their legacy building. It appears Celebration has made its way into its own historical chapter by clearly attaching itself to community development both through commercial and residential property ownership. How could you go wrong being that close to Walt Disney World, Celebration and all it has to offer. Looking for a convenient mix makes it easy to fit in with this team of Visitor's Flea Market, World Food Truck park, Celebration and Walt Disney World.

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