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Die-Cast Cars

It isn't real, it's a Die-cast toy, when in 1947 it was first as the "imaginary" street machine, the popular Matchbox I-75 series appeared. In the 1950s, the road races began with a "high" reached somewhat in 1968 with Hot Wheels. Rising to hobby levels never imagined, today's Die-cast toy world can be a wild place for the hobbyist to wander as thousands of choices compete for the next owner, mostly all shinned up with "no where to go." The early ones had a tough time lasting out their owner's hopes and dreams because, simply put, they were unable to survive the materials' obsolescence test. Now, it's different, as composition tends not to be a major issue. Popularity, although spread over many years, hasn't really loss touch with what's there to own, but about marketing skills and financial efforts applied by manufacturers.  And, do not forget the eye appeal when one first focuses on what you have collected over time. In fact, in central Florida, Orlando, Kissimmee, there is a great local location to probably find what you have been looking for at Visitors Flea Market, 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL, indoor, air-conditioned, and where you can take time to browse in comfort.  As some producers turned bankrupt, the industry, at large, keeps on recreating itself as new investors join together to spur their toy creations to drive onward and upwards. How's your collection of Die-cast toys? Any new additions lately?   Model scales have also made real life choices from little to bigger, back to little again, over a few cycles and, today, it's all over the place. And, the Die-cast toy world is not just for cars, but let your imagination run wild, well almost. Trains, ships, jets and that's, but the tip of the iceberg, and then, there are also probably a few of those  around.

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