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Disney Pins

Disney World buffs become committed to their world of true promise when it comes to thinking about and chasing after Disney pins, a collector's world of Disney memorabilia. Ever expanding, both the old and new emergence of this Disney culture joins the horizon of rising value with some bringing more than $2,000 in private and public sales. Then, there is a related public etiquette. More than 60,000 pins have been created for the market beginning at $6.95 for rack pins and based upon the nature of the pin, even bringing a higher value.  Then, there is a public etiquette. The basics include not touching the Cast Member's pins or lanyard and everyone being respectful and friendly. Only one pin may be traded at a time and with any single Cast Member, two pins traded per day. Undamaged, good condition without receipts, money or gifts. Pins are only tradable if they are metal and bear a Disney mark on the back. Etiquette from time to time changes. Chasing after special pins can be a chase worth all the fuss and special limited edition pins are offered. A Muppet movie, Star Wars film or Marvel Comic can bring a lot of attention if you would rather bring in a change from the older themes or other Disney adventures, but remember age of the pin issue could also be a sign of popularity. If you are a serious collector, you already know the drill, what you are looking for and where to find it. For example, located close to  Disney World is Visitors Flea Market, 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee  FL, an indoor, air-conditioned flea market with more than 222 vendor booths. With numerous special vendors, it is a mecca for special shopping adventures.  For the Disney World pins, there are pins going all the way back to the Disney World opening in 1971. The big change came in October,1999 when Disney pin trading was celebrated as a part of the Millennium Celebration. After, serious collectors (seen running to the then new pin trading stations) were and still play a major role in the culture of collecting Disney World pins and the pin trading craze that goes along with this Disney artistic creation as a part of the awesome and lucrative world of Disney. After 1999, the pin fan population spread quickly to cruise lines around the world, resorts and Disney parks. Disney began hosting annual pin events such as the September event at Epcot in Orlando. Monthly pin trading nights are held at Disney Resorts, highlighting the culture and popularity of Disney World Trading Pins. Staying up-to-date with the pin trading "hobby" as Disney World relates to this piece of its world, is a challenge, but this is what serious collectors do.

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