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Flea Market Survival Guide

A flea market is defined as “a type of bazaar that rents or provides space to people who want to sell or barter merchandise. Usually seasonal, used goods, cheap items, collectibles, and antiques are commonly sold. Many markets offer fresh produce or baked goods, plants from local farms and vintage clothes.” (Wikipedia)

Visitors Flea Market in Kissimmee, Florida
Visitors Flea Market in Kissimmee, Florida

Flea Market History

It is not well documented, but flea markets seemingly started somewhere in the 1800s. It is thought one of the first flea markets was held in Paris, France. It blossomed from there.

While the earlier stages had flea markets in Europe, the first one in the United States was held in Texas in 1873.

The concept was widely adopted to where there are 5,000 flea markets in the USA with over 100 million shoppers each year.

With the history well understood now, it is time for us to bring to you our tips for the ultimate Flea Market Survival Guide!

Our Flea Market is located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in Kissimmee, Florida.

We have 250 booths. Here is a quick list of just some of the many amazing items we offer:

· Souvenirs

· Disney Souvenirs

· Florida T-shirts

· Jewelry

· Watches

· Electronics

· Toys

· Crafts

· Housewares

· Clothes

· Cosmetics

· Perfumes

· Health products

· and more!

Handbags at the Visitors Flea Market in Kissimmee, Florida
Handbags at the Visitors Flea Market in Kissimmee, Florida

Don’t pay mall prices! Save 45 - 75% at the Visitors Flea Market!

If you are planning to go to Visitors Flea Market here is a checklist you will want keep in mind.

Flea Market Survival Guide Checklist

1. Comfortable shoes for walking around to all those booths.

2. Bring at least two large bags - At many of the booths they will give you plastic bags to put your items in. However, without a larger bag to put all those smaller ones in, it will become difficult. Use the larger bag for that and, you’re welcome!

3. Plan for at least one - two hours of shopping time - With so many booths, you will want to have enough time to explore everything without being distracted by time constraints.

4. Make a Christmas list! We mean it! Shopping at these flea markets leads to amazing discoveries of fun items that most cannot find in the stores, and if they can, they are not flea market prices! Having a list of who you need to buy for can cut down your to-do list in the busy holiday season.

5. Stay hydrated! Make sure you have some water with you as you shop.

6. Arrive early - You want to be one of the first to find the top merchandise before someone else beats you to it and snatches it away!

7. Eat Well - We have this one covered with our incredible World Food Trucks in the back of the Visitors Flea Market.

8. Take breaks - Stop by one of our food trucks for a quick snack or dessert or simply to stop and take a break!

9. Bring a friend - Flea markets are more fun when you have someone to share the experience with.

Be certain to visit us at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in Kissimmee, Florida.

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