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Flea Market Sustainability

It isn't just the open fresh air that keeps flea markets in a worldwide pattern of sustaining themselves and not just because visitors like the attractiveness that they bring to everyday living.  Flea markets do have a sustained life of their own, including a created self culture. With a life of their own, they go on creating through past years of economic survival in the trade world. You buy, they sell. It is a world that buys and sells secondhand choices such as decorations, furniture, clothing and usually at a very good price. With that, you have just described and defined flea markets. Of course, their purpose gets better for the description of flea markets further includes vintage or unique items. With limitless offerings, flea markets have other sustainable ways of saving money, recycling and trading value through product consumption, such as household items, telephones, older radios and so many other items. One should not dismiss the fact that many young people are searching for low price and originality when they shop at flea markets.  It is a popular trend and you will find one or more flea market in every big city. In Orlando/Kissimmee, the popular indoor, air conditioned Visitors Flea Market, located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee Fl is close to the Walt Disney World Theme Park and, as such, is a haven for Disney named specialties. Visitors Flea Market offers great Disney family gifts along with handmade items from local vendors among the more than 222 vendor booths. Leather, special made hand bags, vests or special watches, all at reasonable prices make this the place to shop for those gifts you have been searching for to give to your family and friends. Around the world, flea markets have rightfully earned a reputation as events to always have on your list as places to go. To name but a few, Green Flea on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City for 25 years features collectibles, antiques. How about Notting Hill flea market in London with over 2,000 booths where  you can find everything,  books being a specialty. Rio de Janeiro's "hippie Fair" open every Sunday and since 1968 featuring handmade Brazilian jewelry and other specialties such as musical instruments. One may begin to understand how much personal energy has been given around the world towards the development of flea markets and their sustainability. The art of buying, trading and selling, when these events are artfully practiced, makes for success. While economic betterment becomes an accomplished goal, flea market historical value through the years becomes a time elapsed achievement. Flea market vendors reach out to become artists in their own right. With great enthusiasm, flea market enthusiasts find that because of their historic value around the world, flea markets are at the top of their trade. When it comes to economically based buying, selling and trading, consumption becomes a key word to describe flea market originality.

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Jada Cook
Aug 18, 2021

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