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Flea Markets Around the World

In today's world, with all the choices to make, some may miss a thing or two as daily events unfold. What use to be little things may now take on a different meaning  There was a time when as an example flea markets weren't that much to talk about except as places to find the unneeded things that could be sort of recycled for other uses. How times have changed! History's second home has a flea market somewhere and talking about them makes for hours of interesting folklore. History lurks throughout Europe and what about these European hot spots where flea markets take on a life of their own? Vilnius, Lithuania, Tauras is an early (8 AM) venture where 10 AM may be too late for highlighted items as coins, currency notes, porcelain figurines and clothing. The Porta Portese in Rome, one of the biggest flea markets known, loaded in history, with old cameras and  books. Or, Barcelona, with the more than 750-year old Encants de Barcelona, full of history. This is a  a well known market that is among the few and thought to be by many the only one still using an auction system. Since 1873, In the historical Marollen district of Belgium, is the Vossenplein Flea Market, where there's a long historical list of older collectibles to be discovered. However, to haggle here, is a good skilled art because overpricing may be at play. In Berlin, Nowkolln Flowmarkt is a market of preferred choices as its small enough to be locally authentic and justifiably boasts of its homemade chocolate cake and coffee. Istanbul attracts many Greek and Armenian residents to the Ferikoy market with the Midnight Bazaar in Munich also being highly popular where it also charges a small entrance fee. Another market which attracts many visitors because of its size is Zemun in Belgrade open only on Sunday. Artistic tastes places Glasgow's flea market popularity near the top of the list of flea market choices. With an abundance of unique items is Pagaris Rakosyllekton, in Athens where it is never the same, always different and that guarantees its popularity. This flea market may not be in Europe but is filling a special need because it is close to Walt Disney World in Orlando is Visitor's Flea Market located at 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, Fl, 34746. An indoor flea market, well air conditioned with more than 200 booths that cater to almost everything to shop  and choose from for yourself and your friends, it is also the location of the World Food Truck park, the only centralized food truck park in central Florida and home to more than 40 food trucks specializing in authentic Latin food, homemade, with plenty of room for the family.

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