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Origins of a Flea Market

It's called a flea market, but it may not be French in name, although many say it is. At first it may have been the local swap meet, where those with things no longer desired took them to exchange those goodies with others on the hunt for those who were looking for the no longer needed items, being careful to closely examining them before buying to avoid, in your mind, acquiring useless stuff.  What a game it has become over time. No telling what you will find.  Something unique maybe will catch your eye as you sort through items looking for what you haven't found elsewhere, hoping to land the big one.

Thousands are doing it often and succeeding. Maybe applying a bit of personal creativity. We know of one with more than 220 booths, Visitor's Flea Market, 5811. W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy., Kisismmee, close to major theme parks, where you can put your creative hunt in action. But, maybe, not begin the hunt at the center but start from the outside ring and work in, scope it out first, get your bearings and go to it. It's a perfect place to begin your Orlando/ Kissimmee family trip where the whole family can be a part of the search. There's also plenty of food for those hungry mouths, being the only Orlando World Food Truck Park with over 45 to choose from, can't go wrong there for affordable choices.  This is a local world for savvy hunters who are serious about their flea market journey. You can rummage at this bazaar until your energy runs out, but it is a really great and big, convenient place to search and find.  A great place to find the special stuff you have been looking for, unique things not found in a more store-bought place. If you shop flea markets, you know what that means. In Florida it means local, different than what you will find in your own flea market where you come from. And, much cheaper. Spread out what you have to spend.

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