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Packing for Florida?!

Florida generally is a warm climate, so the one-week packing list can easily cater to light clothes. Women will do well with a few pairs of shorts, one lightweight cardigan, a sun dress and a maxi dress, one pair of yoga pants, eight pairs of underwear, three bras, one pair of flip flops. Remember, don't over pack! Over packing is often called the biggest culprit in prepping for Florida vacations. Again, this is Florida and even in winter the tropics can be pleasantly warm with lots of sun. The things for the children is a variation of what's good for the adults and to include things locally purchased such as sun screen (important in Florida) and other preferences from ideally located Visitors Flea Market if you are Disney bound, which is close by to this air-conditioned, indoor flea market having more than 220 vendor booths stocked with all the extras for your Florida vacation. Located at 5811 W, Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy in Kissimmee Fl,  the visitor will feel right at home with all the selections arranged for shopper delights, satisfaction, cost conservative and, again, close by to Disney World and the theme parks.  For the men in the family, packing becomes even more of a short list with five tee shirts, a dresser shirt, a few pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans or light weight pants, hoodie or sweat shirt, eight pairs of underwear, one pair of flip flops and sneakers, two pairs of socks, two pairs of swim suits, a cap or hat and two pairs of sunglasses. So, make your vacation more delightful by packing light. Be weather appropriate. It's Florida!

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