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Rolled Ice Cream

If you are looking for a new treat, and one you can also easily create yourself, then maybe with the coming summer days a fairly new "turn me on" would be "rolled ice cream" to bring a cool relief to your world of taste. Before rolled ice cream which began in Thailand about 2009, many appetite thrill seekers had included different rolled foods in the diet to add spices, sweets and just plain old differences of taste that we are familiar with today such as enchiladas, crepes, burritos and California rolls. The new sweetie thrill seeker can relax and devour this new tempting sweetie which offers simple and various flavors from fruit and other creative mixed tastes dreamed up by its creator without damaging the budget. You may or may not find rolled ice cream in Visitors Flea Market at 5805 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee FL, but everything else may be a "go to" for what you are looking for among its more than 200 vendor booths and its special vendors hard at work with their skills creating, more creating and then, recreating their specialties.  Visitors Flea Market is air conditioned, enclosed and conveniently adjacent, and a part of the spacious World Food Truck Park, itself a masterpiece of multiple culinary choices, all clustered together in a theme park of its own creative making. So, ice cream rolls, being a new dream of the imagination and born in Thailand was "a natural" with candies and fruit put on an ice grill with poured milk and then a few years later gaining worldwide popularity. By pouring milk on an ice grill, these handmade desserts gained worldwide "viral" status in 2015 when countries around the world adopted their own recipes. Today, it's become a show around the world as enthusiasts clamor to become rolled ice cream experts. So, find a thick piece of stone or slab and place it in the freezer for at least an hour and keep your working tools or elements chilled. Dairy or soy milk can both do well depending upon choice. You may choose to include red beans, green tea, coffee, chocolates as an example and include extract powder or syrups for flavor. Temperature works best at -18 to -35 degree Celsius. In an ice cream machine, for stirring and mixing, two metal spatulas are used to stir the ice cream mixture and then the ice cream is made. In only 5-10 seconds a scoop is created as the masher keeps stirring and mixing. Even on a chilly night, your pleasure is served. So, if you wish to be creative, here's an easier way than you ever thought of to put you on the road to success with your own rolled ice cream. You can "use your imagination" and do your own thing without a big deal.

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