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Hang out at the flea market? Did you ever really do that? Why is it, so many of us today find it almost impossible to resist the lure or temptation to go where we are really wanted, the local flea market, where all things can be beautiful, if you let them. So, why resist the temptation, we know we want to do it. And, the all catchall  of "no telling what you will find."  Sharpen up our skills, head for Visitor's Flea Market, 5811 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee. All joking aside, we don't really need any reason to just do it. You want other good reasons? How about, because I want to do it, don't tell me not to do it, I will find just what I need, or I will find what I am looking for. Or, how about great items to flip, recycle something for something better, or I will have such a good time in looking at everything they have. Not enough for you? How about you will find those things you can't purchase anywhere else, or unique items you have given up on finding anywhere else. Or, here's a good one and this is a big one, remember "a little cash goes a long way." It's nice when you have polished that old skill of talking them down on the price, remember that trying is at least "I tried." You could be rewarded when the one holding what it is you want says "ok, it's yours." You could take someone with you, a family member wanting to get out, a quick lunch. A Saturday outing, maybe take a little something with you to trade off. These can be real people bargains, that's what a flea market is all about. Real people, with real bargains. They may not come to you. A little hunting on your own may be just what you need today. Does something out there have your name on it?  Get the spirit. Plug in your energy plug, think about it and then spring into action, Visitor's Flea Market, Kissimmee with more than 220 booths, lots of original stuff. Never been there? Turn some idle hours into a pleasant adventure that you control. Don't forget your check book just in case it becomes what you have been waiting for, maybe not, but one never knows.  It's spring, when everybody's doing it, like spring into action, get it? maybe I will too, time to go with the flow,  good luck!  Flea market day just became today in my world.

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